I Love You

Today was a pretty cool day, hung around with Lucy and Rianna mostly rather than Zara and Abbigail like I normally do.  Though of course, I ended up being brought into an odds on game, which was fun until it was my shot!  Odds on is like truth or dare, but only dares.  The darer and the daree both say a number from 1-2 and if they say the same number, the daree has to do the dare.  I ended up getting picked and I was dared to tell Robert that I Love Him.  So awkward!   I was aloud to say it was a dare, because to be honest I didn’t know if I was ready or not.  I kinda love him, but this quote explains it:

“Love, don’t fall in love, because everything that falls, breaks”

I do love him.. Do I?  I don’t even know anymore.  He asked me later if it really was a dare.   I wanted to say no, to see his reaction, but I was too scared so that sucks.  Tats all, Bali!



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